Family Picnic

God has given us our families as a blessing. Trust me, sister, the enemy is targeting them as well as you. We must stand in the gap and battle for our family in prayer.

I pray you are married to a strong Christian husband who teaches your children to follow Christ. If you are, thank God for your husband’s dedication to the Lord.

For a lot of us, we have had to be the ones to teach our children about Jesus. We are the ones who have taken them to church, taught them how to pray, and led them to the Lord.

If that is you, thank God for your dedication! It is not easy, but God gives us strength and wisdom to do His will. I pray for you to continue to teach your children.

As women, God has given us a special calling to minister to our families. We have our hands full between our marriage, kids of all ages, and aging parents It’s ok!

God doesn’t expect you to be perfect and “fix” everyone in your life. Learn how to be the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus to those people in your life and do the most important thing you can . . . PRAY!

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