Father God, I come to you now asking that you forgive me of my sin. Please show me where I have unconfessed sin so I can bring that to you and receive forgiveness.  I want my heart to be right in your sight, and I want you to not only hear but answer my prayer for my husband and my marriage.  I confess all bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment toward my husband to you.  I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

 Father I lift ______________________, up to you.  Dear Lord I thank you for _______________ and for our marriage.  I thank you for blessing me with _______________________.  I ask that you please work in ________________________’s heart and life and draw him closer to you.  I know that ________________________ is supposed to be the spiritual head of our home and I ask that you please help _________________________ to fill that role in our home and family as you would have him to. Please guard ____________________’s heart and mind. Give ______________________ a heart that is on fire for you.  Help ________________________ to have and to show  unconditional love and forgiveness to me and to our children just like you do with us.  Help __________________ to seek your wisdom and your guidance as he leads our family. 

 I pray that you will fill _________________________ with your holy spirit and flush out anything that is not of you.  I pray in the Holy Name of Jesus, the Name above all names, that you will protect ______________________ from any and all attacks of the forces of evil. Lord, I know that the devil wants nothing more than to cause trouble in and break up our marriage and our family, so I ask that you please guard our hearts and minds and protect us from every attack and evil plan the devil has for us.

 Father I ask that you guard ______________________’s heart and mind and please remove anyone or anything that would be a temptation.  Please remove _________________________ (maybe a certain person who leads your husband away from the Lord and you) and remove temptation in the area of __________________________ (any addiction or activity that causes your husband to fall away). Please replace these people and things with Christian friends who will help him cling to you and give him a desire to only participate in activities that bring you honor and glory and are pleasing to you.

 Lord I ask that you please help _______________________ to be all that you have called him to be.  Help me to support him in that and encourage him like you would have me to do.  Help me to love ___________________ and to pray for him and be the wife that you would have me to be.

 I especially pray for __________________’s relationship with me and his children and other family members.  Help him love completely and unconditionally and forgive quickly.  Give him wisdom and the desire and ability to communicate openly.  This is so important in every relationship and helps him to understand the importance of communication.  Help ______________ to be loving, kind, involved, supportive, encouraging, and present for his family. 

 More importantly, I pray that ____________________ will understand the importance of his relationship with you.  I ask you to give ______________________a heart for you, a desire to live his life for you and surrender completely to your way and your will for his life.  Father I know that when ____________________’s life is in line with your will that everything else will fall into place. 

 Help me to continue to lift ________________________ up to you and support him in the way you want me to.  Help me to remember that it is not my job to bring about any changes in my husband but yours.  You have called me to love and support ______________________ and not try to change him. 

 Thank you for loving ___________________ as much as you love me. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Thank you for all of your promises and for answering my prayer.

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