Top 5 Easy Christmas Decorations to make with your kids

Top 5 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

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Yay!  Christmas is almost here!!


Can you believe it?!  I am so excited, I just love Christmas!  I’m just like a kid during this time of year which is why I wanted to share my Top 5 EASY DIY Christmas decorations.

Everything about this time of year is exciting!  The sights, the sounds, the smells.  Everyone seems to be a little nicer and in a little better mood which is always a plus!

Kids are excited and try to mind better too because they know Santa is watching!  And so is that creepy little elf lol.  Just kidding, the elf thing wasn’t popular until after my kids were too big for it so we never had one.  

Top 5 Easy Christmas Decorations to make with your kids

Our kids love making crafts and we always make great memories when we do things together.  It really doesn’t matter how old you are making your own Christmas decorations just seems to make it season a little more festive.  

Making easy DIY Christmas decorations with your kids makes it even more special and it is something they will always remember.  I still have all the Christmas decorations my kids have made over the years and it brings back very special memories of my kids when they were little.

The following Easy DIY Christmas Decorations are made with kids in mind and you probably already have most if not all of the ingredients.  You can make all of these in an afternoon and even make some as gifts for family members!


I have to say I was able to find some super cute ideas for Christmas decorations to make with your kids.  The one’s I’m listing here are very easy, if you don’t have the ingredients listed you can improvise.  It never hurts to be thrifty!

DIY Fingerprint Christmas ornament to make with your kids
Kids fingerprint Christmas tree ornament via Cutesy Crafts

Aren’t these just precious?!!  I love having anything with my kids hand prints or finger prints.  Those memories of them being that little are so precious now and I wouldn’t take anything for them.  

You can make all kinds of cute crafts with this and display them all year if you wanted to.  These would also make excellent gifts for family members like grandparents. (I’ll be sharing this post with my son and daughter in law, lol)


Peppermint candy Christmas ornament
Peppermint Candy Ornaments via Hello Homebody

These remind me of Christmas at my grandparents and how they would always put candy canes on their tree.  I loved going to their house for Christmas, those are good memories.

After all, isn’t that one of the important things about holidays?  Making memories with the ones we love and holding on to traditions.  Your kiddos will love eating and making these cute little ornaments!

Puppy paw print Christmas ornament
Puppy Paw Print ornament via Crafty Morning

Speaking of kiddos we can’t forget our fur babies!  I feel like I’ll be making these myself this year.  If I do I’ll post it on here so y’all can see how it turns out.  

Your kids will love getting the family pets involved in making these.  If you don’t have kids at home you can still do this because, let’s face it, our fur babies are family too!

Reindeer thumbprint Christmas ornament
Kids reindeer thumbprint via Little Bit Funky

What’s not to love about reindeer? Even if I wasn’t a reindeer fan I’d have to make these just because of the site they come from.  Seriously, Little Bit Funky is too cute!

When reading over the instructions for making these they are SUPER simple and you can make a ton of them in no time at all.  Kids love to paint and I feel like you could use water based paint for easy clean up too.  

As I was looking at these I was thinking you could just let you kids use markers as well to decorate if you don’t have paint.  They could really make some unique designs and it would keep them occupied for hours!

Scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament
Scrap ribbon tree ornament via Fire Flies and Mud Pies

These cute little trees have a rustic feel to them that I just love.  They would be good for a younger child who is learning to tie their shoes too.  She even mentions that in her article about making these.

You could use all sorts of different colored ribbon and make an array of trees.  I thought about using different size sticks and putting them in foam or something then wrapping that in green ribbon like a forrest.  You could add some reindeer made out of cork.  Oh my goodness that could be cute!

Well I hope you have enjoyed looking at these and it has sparked your imagination.  Christmas is such a hectic time for everyone and it’s so easy to get stressed out by everything we feel pressured to do.

I hope you can take an afternoon and just have fun with your kids, making memories and laughing.  There will always be to do lists, laundry, dirty dishes.  Kids are only little once.  Make your own traditions and enjoy your family!

As always remember the reason for the season.  Jesus came because of His great love for us, you and me.  Praying you have a very blessed Christmas filled with peace and love.


Be blessed, be faithful and live fearless!



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Sharing is caring! Please share this post with others!

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