Blogging and God’s plan

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I’ve been asked several times why I started this blog and how I got started. So I thought I would explain why I started blogging and God’s plan. Let me just start by saying I’m a slow learner!


God really does care about your blog!
Does God really care about your blog?


Let me first say I have a great job. I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years and in hospice the majority of that time. It really is a very rewarding job. I get to help people and feel good about the work I do.

So last year I was praying about what God wanted me to do and how I could serve Him. I was on the internet and came across this site and the girl was talking about how easy it was to start a blog and how much she enjoyed it.

I thought it sounded interesting but really didn’t think anything more about it. Over the next few days I just couldn’t get this whole blogging thing off my mind. So I began to pray.

I didn’t want to just run ahead of God and do my own thing. I’ve had a LOT of experience going down that path and it never really works out. Hence my statement earlier about me being a slow learner. This is a recurring theme in my life, trust me.

So after much prayer I finally decided that this is what God wanted me to do. I was excited about the thought of working from home in my pajamas and only working 10 or 20 hours a week making a full time income. My husband and I both could quit our jobs, pay off all of our bills and donate to charity more.

As I began researching blogs and blog niches it seemed like the people who made the most money in a short period of time blogged about finances or getting fit. So I decided I would do this too. After all how hard could that be, you can always find information about these subjects!

I named my blog Fitness and Finances. What a cool name! The two things everyone has to deal with – their health and their finances, right? (Remember, I’m hard headed and a slow learner)

So I bought my domain name and a hosting plan and thought if I’m writing about finances I needed to use a FREE theme because after all I’m gonna teach people to be frugal and improve their financial situation. And, seriously, who doesn’t love Pinterest?! I can find plenty of ideas about workout plans and healthy recipes!

The problem with this is, actually there is MORE than one problem. I haven’t always made the best decisions financially. Also, as hard as this is gonna be to believe, I’m not in the best shape! (SHOCK)
I know, I can hear the gasps now lol

I could blame it on the fact that when I was growing up people didn’t really discuss their finances and we didn’t have classes about this when I was in school. I mean they taught us how to write a check and I’m sure covered the part about balancing your checkbook but you kinda need to know more than that.

As far as my weight and health go, I could easily blame that on giving birth to five kids. I mean, that’s a great excuse, right? Growing 5 human beings inside my body and then giving birth without drugs is an accomplishment.

So, I’m all set with my Fitness and Finances blog with great ideas and I can’t wait to get started! Then as I’m trying to work on this I begin to dread working on it at all. So then I pray again. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)  I run ahead, do it my way, which doesn’t work, then I pray.

So I realize I can’t do this.  How hypocritical would I be trying to teach others how to handle their money and health when I stink at both?  So I trash that idea.

Even when you want to quit God cares about your blog!


Blog – take 2 – but I’m getting there!

Now I realize that is not the direction God wants me to go with this blog.  So I decide to make new blog!  From Here 2 Happy was my new brain child and I was so excited!

Now I was on a roll with this blogging thing.  Granted the name wasn’t really that great but I was headed in the right direction.  I could really witness with this blog!  I kept thinking of the woman at the well and how Jesus met people where they were, hence the name!

I had great ideas and even had this wonderful Christian lady contact me about helping me with my branding!  She did an amazing job by the way and I love it, my blog was beautiful.  Except I still wasn’t listening.  (SLOW learner!)

So, I’m all set and I had one problem after another.  I kept getting stuck and it seemed like no matter how hard I worked nothing went right.  Then I got discouraged and wouldn’t write for weeks at a time. So I prayed again.  (I can just picture God shaking His head and rolling His eyes at me!)

Blog – take 3 – finally!

Ok, so I take some time off and really, really pray for God to direct me on the path He wants me to go.  Also, I waited and listened, finally!  Because it only makes sense to waste this much time and energy and aggravation, right?

I still believe that this is what I’m supposed to do and I have got to get this together and quit wasting time.  I just need to make sure that I’m doing it his way and not mine. (The light is beginning to come on now)

So I’m sitting at work one day and out of no where it hits me.  Warrior Women.  Immediately, I had a vision of how this was supposed to go.  I had only told one other person about this and up until this point she was not too terribly excited. When I told her about this new direction I thought God wanted me to take she was very excited!

It was at this time that I decided I needed a better theme, so I bought one from Restored 316.  The lady who started this company has a great testimony and I just knew when I got ready to purchase a theme, this is where I would purchase it from.

I changed my blog name and bought the domain Warrior Women Blog.  I completely changed everything!  The lady who had contacted me and helped me with my blog From Here 2 Happy was kind enough to help me with this one as well.  Things were finally coming together!

Before I really did much work this time I spent even more time in prayer.  I FINALLY gave it completely to God.  We have had several discussions about this one.  (It only took me a year but I’m finally listening and learning)

Now I have this amazing blog.  I am so excited about it.  I can’t wait to work on it every day.  I get up with my husband at 4 am every day and when he leaves for work at 5 I work on my blog until 6:15 before I have to get the boys up and get ready for work.

I work on it a little bit every evening.  I read everything I can about how to make this blog better and reach more people.  Because this is God’s blog.  I only want to write what He wants me to write.  I only want it to go in the direction He wants it to go.

I may never make a penny from it and that’s ok.  As long as I’m being obedient and doing what God wants me to do then that’s really all that matters.

So there you go.  I really hope you learn from my mistakes.  (I’ve made more mistakes than this but we won’t discuss that lol).   No matter what you are doing, there is nothing too big or too small for God to be involved in.  ALWAYS, let me just say that again ALWAYS listen to His leading!  It really is better to do that to begin with.

Funny story – when I was in college I was a member of our Baptist Student Union and one year was even the co-chairman.  So one day they asked me to make the closing remarks for chapel on Friday and then dismiss everyone.  Of course I said yes without even giving it a second thought.

Now, I honestly can’t believe I did this because I hated public speaking!  I would start to sweat, shake and want to either throw up or pass out! So why in the world I said yes without a second thought is beyond me.

Ok, so now I’ve lost my mind and said “Yes”, sure,  I’ll close a REQUIRED chapel, and after I kinda freaked out a little I started praying about what I should say and begged God to make it super short!

As usual, when God tells you to do something He gives you everything you need to do it.  I prayed and He answered and gave me a very simple message.  Really, it was only a few sentences.  All I had to do was tell EVERYONE in a REQUIRED chapel that day that God loves them.  He wants a relationship with them.  It doesn’t matter what they have done, there is no sin that God won’t forgive.  There is nothing they can do that could separate them from His love.  All they have to do is turn to Him.

Simple, right?  Well that kinda sounded like witnessing to me.  A pretty personal message for someone who wants to throw up at the thought of public speaking.

So the more I thought about that, I decided I could come up with something not as personal.  Just a generic closing.  A few sentences to send everyone on their way but of course I’d make it sound good.

Well, I want you to know one very important thing – GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR!!

Come to find out they had several people speaking that day.  The three people who went before me said the EXACT same thing I was going to say between them!!  I’m sitting there in my seat in complete shock!  I mean really?  Word for word what I was gonna say!!

So here I am, walking up the steps to the stage with my mind racing.  Then I turn around and look out at the packed chapel and thought “Oh Lord, what am I gonna do?!”  “Please don’t let me pass out!”  So I did the only thing I could do.

I came clean.  I told them how God has a sense of humor and a very short version of what had just happened.  Then I said what God had told me to say from the beginning.  I told a packed chapel at my college how God loves them.  I remember this overwhelming sense of calm coming over me.

So there you go.  Learn from me folks!  LISTEN and FOLLOW God’s plan the first time.  I’d be so much farther down this blogging road by now if I’d just done that to begin with.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t been too good at this listening and following thing.  I can also assure you that even when you make mistakes, God promises to “work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

I LOVE that verse!  It gives me hope.  Hope that when bad things happen either because of me being hard headed or just because of life, God still works it out for my good.

GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE!!  GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!!  Hold on my friend, don’t give up!  You have an anchor that holds, a solid rock to build on.  You have the One who is in complete control on your side!  I’m praying for you dear lady.  DON’T GIVE UP!!

Be blessed, be faithful and live fearless


Sharing is caring so please, please share this!  Thanks 🙂


Sharing is caring! Please share this post with others!

8 thoughts on “Blogging and God’s plan”

  1. Wow, we do have so much in common! I had a similar experience when attempting to start my blog as well! I tried in my own strength over and over for years (we’re talking 2014). I wrote about anything but I was passionate about nothing and like you said I felt like a bit of a hypocrite because I didn’t care that much about beauty/wasn’t great at makeup but here I was trying to write about it. And then again with traveling, I tried to write about “adventures” but I’m an introvert home body through and through and the only thing exotic about my life is that my husband is English LOL. I loved reading your testimony with blogging as there is an echo of my experience throughout the entire thing! I love the part where you share your public speaking moment as well, and how God worked that moment of disobedience together for your good and gave the audience a bit of a chuckle out of it. Wow, wow, wow. I’m so glad the Lord has brought you to my blog and that I’m here now!

    1. Hey! I’m so glad it spoke to you! Yes girl I am so hard headed sometimes lol. I tell my kids all the time, don’t be like me, do what God says the first time! It’s so much easier! Reach out to me anytime I love talking to people. Have a blessed day!

  2. So enjoyed reading your honesty as you battled the lines of blogging! I too felt God tug at my heart to start my blog and have tried to be obedient as a writer! Thank you for sharing! Wishing Warrior Women the very best!!

    1. Oh thank you! I really wanted to be one of those bloggers who made thousands of dollars a month and work from home in just a few short months because I love it so much! However, God has given me a peace about this now that I’m finally following His plan! Good luck to you as well!

  3. I am so happy that I found your blog ! How can we be so alike?! I used to work in health care as a nurse, I have since left it due to having a miracle baby [he is now nearly 18 yrs old and I couldn’t bare to be apart from him or afford childcare!lol ] My husband also had a mid life crisis at the time and returned to college to become an Anglican church minister. We have traveled all over Ireland with my husbands job but now we are living in Co. Wicklow, known as the garden of Ireland. God called me to start a shop with a blog and I’m slowly figuring out how to do it all. Your blog has encouraged me to keep going, so thank you so very much!

    1. Isn’t that amazing how God works?! I’m so happy you are here and please feel free to reach out any time, I’m always happy to help!

  4. It’s encouraging to hear your story! I’m a new blogger and praying God will bless my plans more than I’ve prayed for direction, haha…. anyways, thanks for telling your story!!

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